Accommodation in Formentera

Hotels, hostels, apartments, and villas on Formentera.

“Accommodation in Formentera depending on your needs and budget”

The best hotels in Formentera. From the most luxurious to the basic ones, from those closest to the sea to those located inland so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

A wide selection of apartments in Formentera.
Apartments with all the comforts and luxuries and next to the sea, or simpler and cheaper apartments located in the middle of nature, but always offering guests an unforgettable stay.

The best holiday homes and villas in Formentera to spend your holidays completely at your leisure and enjoying all the comforts offered by this accommodation option on the island.

Accommodation in Formentera

✅ Hotels, hostels, apartments, and holiday homes.
✅Choose the best option according to the type of vacation you plan.
✅ In all areas of the island.

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In Formentera, you will find a wide range of hotels in which to spend your next holidays on the island, from luxury hotels to family-run hotels.

Considering the characteristics of the island, none of the hotels will be far from the beach, although, if you are looking for a hotel with a sea view in Formentera, keep in mind the location of each one since not everyone can offer you that particularity.
Hotels are the best accommodation option in Formentera if you intend to worry about nothing other than enjoying the island during your holidays.


Apartments are the widest option of accommodation in Formentera.
You can find them in almost every area on Formentera and some of them are more basic and others will offer you as many services as a hotel does.
Depending on your budget and needs, you´ll always have a great selection of different apartments to choose from.


Hostels are the cheapest accommodation option on Formentera and depending on the kind of traveler you are, a very valid option for your next vacation on the island.
They are usually family-run business, where different generations of the same family have been in charge of the management of the hostel.
You will find them with individual bathrooms in each of the rooms but also some of them with a shared bathroom in the hallway for more than one room.


Holiday homes, tourist houses or in some cases also called villas, are good accommodation options in Formentera if you travel with a relatively large group of friends or family and want the privacy and independence of living in a completely private environment.
You will find them with a pool, without a pool, closer to the sea, more inside the island, but what you always have to make sure is that it is a legal tourist rental.

Accommodation in Formentera: Do I need to rent a car or motorcycle?

The answer to this common question is, it depends.
It depends on where you stay and it depends on what you intend to do during your holiday in Formentera.
If you choose a hotel next to the beach and you intend to eat, sleep, sunbathe and swim on the beach in front of the hotel, then you do not need a vehicle.
A taxi upon arrival at the port and another taxi for the day of the return would be enough.
But, if you want to see the many beaches and places that Formentera offers, then yes, you do need to rent a car or a motorcycle.
From we can offer you a series of offers and promotional codes with the best rental companies on the island.

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Coche de alquiler en Formentera frente al mar