Holiday homes in Formentera

In this section you will find a wide range of holiday homes of different sizes and locations so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

“The best villas and houses for rent in Formentera for your most special holidays”

Can Juanpedro

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House located in La Mola, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, terrace area, full kitchen and large living room with internet connection and satellite TV.
Sleeps up to 8 people.

Can Toni Blay

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Group of 3 individual houses in Es Caló.
One of the houses has 5 rooms and it is suitable for up to 10 guests and the others are for up to 4 guests and for up to 4 guests.

Can Santi des Monestir

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House located in La Mola, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, terrace area, full kitchen and large living room with internet connection and satellite TV.
Sleeps up to 6 people.

Casa Manuel

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Spacious and comfortable 4-bedroom house located less than a kilometer from Cala Saona and five minutes from Sant Francesc.
Sleeps up to 8 people.

Ses Vinyes de Cas Baixero

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Elegant and very spacious house with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in La Mola.
Modern but cozy style with open views of the countryside and the vineyard of the property.
Sleeps up to 6 people.

Casas Can Mestre

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Group of 3 small houses ideal for couples or families.
Located a short distance from Es Caló and with all the necessary amenities.
Sleeps up to 4 people.

Ca na Lidia

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Beautiful 3 bedroom house, with large pool, garden and terraces.
Ideal for a quiet holiday in Formentera with family or friends.
Sleeps up to 6 people.

Casa Gisela&Hugo

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House located in the area of ​​Portosaler in the countryside and overlooking the sunset over the sea. It has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 4 people.

Holiday Homes in Formentera

✅ Our selection of the best villas and houses for rent in Formentera.
✅ From 2 to 10 guests. With or without swimming pool.
✅ In all areas of Formentera.

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If your wished accommodation in Formentera is a house or villa, for the freedom and privacy they offer, we will help you find it.

Probably the best accommodation option when traveling with a large family group or with friends.
There are many reasons to choose one of the many houses for rent in Formentera with a tourist license to spend your holidays on the island. We give you a couple of facts to consider before choosing one.

Holiday Homes in Formentera

Formentera has a wide and varied offer of houses for rent. From traditional houses on the island, to newly built houses with modern finishes and decoration, with or without a pool. Countless details to keep in mind before deciding on one of the houses for rent in Formentera that we have selected for you.

Whatever the type of house for rent in Formentera that you are looking for, we suggest you look carefully at the facilities it offers, and in its location and access.
And one of the most important recommendations that we insist on is to make sure that the house you are renting has the regulatory tourist license.

Holiday Homes in Formentera, choose according to the area

Keep in mind that, the houses for rent in Formentera for tourist use are all located in rural areas, closer or further away from urban centers or towns, but in rural areas after all.

The access to holiday houses always, or almost always, includes transit on dirt roads when leaving the main road and before finally arriving at the house.
You can find them all around the island, from north to south and from east to west, so look closely at the area where the house is located and your holiday expectations.

Holiday Homes in Formentera, child friendly

If children are part of the group of people with whom you travel to the island, you will have to consider several questions before choosing one or another of the houses for rent in Formentera that you will find in the market.
Find out if the owner of the house does not have problem in accepting children, find out if the house has a cot, high chair, etc., and if the use of that is included in the price of the stay or has an additional cost.

In the same way, if you are looking for one of the houses for rent in Formentera that have a pool, make the owner as many questions as you consider appropriate in terms of the swimming pool safety measures, regarding the safety of the smallest of the group.

Holiday Houses in Formentera, swimming pool, yes/no?

One of the facilities that makes the biggest difference in the holiday homes to rent in Formentera is, if the it has a swimming pool, or not.
It is true that on the island we have kilometers of excellent beaches on which to enjoy the sea, but it is also true that there are people that having a pool in the house they are going to rent is a must.

No doubt, having a swimming pool raises the price of holiday houses for rent in Formentera, so keep that in mind when choosing.

Holiday Homes in Formentera, traveling with pets

Most holiday home owners in Formentera choose not to accept pets.
Probably many of the owners have a dog or cat that they educate with habits and behaviors about the house, but who knows how a guest´s dog would behave.

In any case, if your intention is to travel with your pet, and you plan to stay in one of the many houses for rent in Formentera, contact the owner and ask him/her because sometimes, exceptions can be made about the rule.

Holiday Homes in Formentera and the dusty trails

We want to make special mention of something that is rarely taken into account when choosing between the many houses for rent in Formentera, the section of path between the main road and the house.

Formentera has a single main road that crosses it from north to south, with the ramifications that surround s´Estany Pudent and with the detour that takes us to Es Cap de Barbaría and Cala Saona. Everything else will be dirt roads that will take us to the destination, and with the hoiday houses, it is exactly like that, a major or minor section but something to keep in mind if you have not been to Formentera before.

Holiday Homes in Formentera: What vehicle should you rent?

Considering the fact of being forced to drive on dirt roads, we would recommend that if you have to choose between hiring a car or a bike, you better go for the car option.
It is true that many of those who will read this text are expert bike drivers and, in that case, we would have nothing to complain about renting a bike or scooter but, if you are not a two-wheel expert driver, do not do experiments on your holiday in Formentera.
Una cosa es estar hospedado en un hotel y circular de día por caminos para llegar a la playa, y otra circular de noche para salir o volver a la casa.

Our recommendation, if you decide to spend your holidays in one of the many houses for rent in Formentera, for safety, you better rent a car.
But if you finally for a bike, drive very carefully.
And remember that we have a couple of companies on the island that offer you a discount when you rent their cars and bikes using our promo code: 4mentera
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