Hostal Casa Miramar

Located in a landmark building in Es Caló.
Rooms with private or shared bathrooms.
Open from April to late October.

Hostal Miramar

✅ Hostel in the village of Es Caló.
✅ Founded in 1952.
✅ Open from April to late October.

Facilities :
Private bathroom
Shared bathroom
Near the sea
Location :

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Casa de Huéspedes Miramar
Hostal Miramar, Formentera

The Hostal Miramar, or Miramar Guesthouse, is one of the oldest tourist establishments in Formentera. It is located at the entrance of the beautiful town of Es Caló, less than 100 meters from the seashore and the small fishing pier that characterizes this dreamlike setting.

While not all rooms have private bathrooms, the shared facilities are clean and well-maintained. Moreover, the owner, Lourdes, provides a warm and personal service. The establishment has been in her family since its construction in the early 20th century, and this is evident in the meticulous care taken to ensure everything is in perfect condition for the guests staying at the Hostal Miramar, also known as Casa Miramar in Es Caló, Formentera.

Next to the sea


Nowadays, it is challenging to find establishments in Formentera that maintain the spirit prior to the tourist boom experienced in the last 25 years. However, Hostal Miramar in Es Caló is undoubtedly one of those places. Its proximity to the sea and the ambiance of Es Caló make it an ideal choice for those seeking a simple establishment at relatively affordable prices.

Being able to leave Casa Miramar, walk just a few meters, and have the crystal-clear waters of Es Caló and Ses Platgetes beach within such close reach is an added advantage that many of our visitors find appealing when choosing a hostel in Formentera with these characteristics.

In addition to restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and shops, Es Caló also has a pharmacy. Although we hope you won’t need any medication during your stay at Hostal Miramar, having a pharmacy nearby provides peace of mind without having to travel to Sant Ferran, where you would find the closest pharmacy to Casa de Huéspedes Miramar.

August Patron Saint Festivities

The patron saint festivities of Es Caló are one of the most important events of the year in this picturesque village on the island of Formentera. They take place at the small fishing pier, usually on the Saturday closest to August 28th, the feast day of their patron saint, Sant Agustí.

During the celebration, the residents and visitors of Es Caló come together to enjoy a series of activities that represent the best of the local culture and tradition. One of the highlights is the traditional dance, where dancers dressed in their regional costumes sway to the rhythm of folk music.

An open-air evening mass is also celebrated, creating a special moment where the community gathers in prayer to honor their patron saint. Additionally, attendees can indulge in the tasting of typical sweets such as “bunyols” and “oreites,” which are a true delight for the palate.
Another activity that cannot be missed during the patron saint festivities of Es Caló is the “cantada pagesa,” where local singers perform traditional songs of the island accompanied by the beat of drums and the “xeremiers,” a type of traditional flute from the Pitiusas. Furthermore, a musical performance takes place in a setting of unparalleled beauty.

Despite the lively atmosphere that often characterizes many popular festivals, in Es Caló, the ambiance is tranquil and relaxed in line with the spirit of the village. It is a unique opportunity to discover the culture and history of this beautiful community and to share unforgettable moments with the local people.

Hostal Miramar – Casa Huéspedes Miramar

A great accommodation option for those seeking a moderate price, excellent location in the heart of Es Caló de Sant Agustí village in Formentera, and a chance to stay in a historic building and experience island life beyond the typical tourist experience of a few days in this beautiful fishing town with crystal-clear waters and dreamy beaches.

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