Tourist Satisfaction Survey 2023


The data shows improvement compared to the previous year, and there is an expansion of areas for further enhancement

Formentera, December 17, 2023

The current Tourism Councillor of Formentera, Artal Mayans, unveiled the results of the tourist satisfaction survey conducted by the island institution. Carried out between May and October, 2,519 visitors were surveyed at key points such as the port of La Savina, Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran, and La Mola.

Mayans emphasized an impressive 97.6% satisfaction rate among visitors, compared to the 93.8% from the previous year. Furthermore, a high level of loyalty and a steadily growing average stay, reaching 5.8 days, were noted. The beaches, nature, landscape, and tranquility emerge as the island’s main attractions, receiving the highest ratings at the end of the vacations.

The survey highlights the positive evaluation of sports and health activities by tourists, although some of these proposals remain unknown to many.

Likewise, there is an emphasis on the appreciation of activities related to sustainable development, such as Formentera Eco, Save Posidonia, and Formentera Astronomical, among other initiatives.

Challenges and Areas for Improvement Identified by Tourists in Formentera

Despite the overall high level of satisfaction, some visitors, especially Spaniards, express complaints and point out areas for improvement. Key concerns include prices deemed too high, the poor condition of roads and paths, the lack of public lighting, and signage. Additionally, tourists lament the shortage of complementary activities for all age groups.

Criticism extends to the perception of a lack of cleanliness on beaches and in urban areas, along with a shortage of trash bins and containers. The entertainment offerings also come under criticism, being perceived as limited and not diverse enough. Experiences in dining and accommodations are also considered areas for improvement by survey respondents.

Environmental aspects, such as the excessive number of vessels along the coast and maritime traffic, as well as congestion and speed on the main road, generate negative comments. Despite these identified weaknesses, the councillor expresses overall satisfaction and commits to addressing these issues: ‘We are here to work and try to resolve them.

A substantial modification in the survey methodology is anticipated for the next year, aiming for greater efficiency and reach to address the concerns of a broader audience and conduct surveys more swiftly than before.

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