Political Crisis in Formentera


Córdoba accuses two vice presidents and calls for their resignation

Yesterday, the president of the Consell de Formentera, Llorenç Córdoba, appeared in the Plaza de la Constitució in Sant Francesc around 6:00 PM after a meeting with the 16 councilors of the institution, both those who make up the government team and those in the opposition, to refute the accusations from Sa Unió, a coalition formed by PP and Compromís, of which Córdoba was the candidate in the last elections.
The current president reaffirmed his decision not to resign despite requests from his own team, and he directly accused the third vice president, José Manuel Alcaraz, and Verónica Castelló, the first vice president, both from the PP, of orchestrating a plan to dismiss him and attempt a “power grab.”

Despite the complicated situation, Córdoba claimed to have presented evidence to the 16 councilors to support his innocence.

Córdoba emphasized his commitment to Sa Unió’s program and mentioned the possibility of an institutional deadlock if he gives in to the party’s demands. He underscored the importance of stability and expressed gratitude to the opposition for their human quality and institutional loyalty.

Regarding the approval of the Formentera Consell’s budget for 2024, Córdoba stated that its approval will depend on institutional stability and the resolution of the current crisis.

Statements by the Consellers

Following the meeting convened by the president, members of Sa Unió revealed that Córdoba gave a one-hour ultimatum to two of his vice presidents, José Manuel Alcaraz and Verónica Castelló, both from the PP, to resign, accusing them of attempting a “power grab.” If they didn’t resign, Córdoba threatened to dismiss them. Sa Unió spokesperson, Óscar Portas, described the situation as irresponsible and did not rule out presenting a vote of no confidence.

On their part, the spokesperson for Gent per Formentera (GxF), Alejandra Ferrer, and the spokesperson for the PSOE, Rafael Ramírez, expressed the need for time to analyze Córdoba’s explanations. Ferrer emphasized the complexity of the scenario and the lack of evidence for the accusations. Regarding Córdoba’s resignation or continuity, they stated that it was a personal decision that he needed to explain personally to the media. Rafael Ramírez, on his part, clarified that support from the left-wing forces had not been sought to approve the budget and stated that Córdoba only recounted the facts without providing evidence.

The institutional crisis in the Consell de Formentera is far from being resolved, and the lack of a stable government can impact various aspects of the island’s management. From the approval of the 2024 budgets to the decision on beach kiosk concessions for 2024.

We will see how the situation evolves, undoubtedly causing great unease among the citizens of Formentera.

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