Political Turmoil in Formentera


A political crisis is gripping Formentera, with allegations of bonus requests and blackmail taking center stage

Formentera’s Insular Council, the governing body of the island, is currently undergoing its most significant political crisis since its establishment in 2007. The leading coalition parties, PP and Compromís, asserted in a press conference that they are accusing the president, Llorenç Córdoba, of acting unilaterally to create a ‘smokescreen’ with alleged political motives. Their primary claim is that Llorenç Córdoba, an independent politician unaffiliated with any of the governing coalition parties, has allegedly sought bonuses from the Formentera Council and the Balearic Government President, Marga Prohens, citing financial difficulties.

Córdoba, on his part, denied any financial interest in the crisis, labeling the accusation as a personal attack. While acknowledging financial challenges, he asserted that he is merely seeking to offset expenses related to his public duties. He also claimed to have been blackmailed by Sa Unió, which, according to him, orchestrated his expulsion from the coalition and the PP group.

Government Allies Call for Córdoba’s Resignation, Citing Desperate Actions

In the wake of the ongoing crisis, government coalition partners have urged the resignation of Córdoba, contending that he is a person in dire straits acting desperately. Sa Unió, the political union of PP and Compromís, conceded to being manipulated by Córdoba and offered apologies to the people of Formentera for placing trust in him. Additionally, they have formally requested the expulsion of Córdoba from the Sa Unió political coalition.

At the same time, during a public gathering in support of Córdoba organized by private citizens in the Sant Francesc church square, he expressed gratitude for the backing of the locals and asserted that he will provide relevant explanations as he believes he has done nothing wrong. The situation remains intricate, marked by mutual accusations among those involved.

According to the Balearic Government spokesperson, Vice President Antoni Costa, it has been confirmed that the president of the Formentera Council, Llorenç Córdoba, exerted pressure on Marga Prohens, President of the Balearic Government, to secure a bonus. Costa affirmed that the allegations made by the Sa Unió councilors are truthful and that Córdoba was jeopardizing the stability of the government not based on the interests of Formentera but on his personal interests.

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Costa asserted that Córdoba wasn’t championing the interests of the citizens of his island, as claimed, but rather jeopardizing the stability of the Government with reasons tied to his personal interests. Although the Government lacks evidence of the reported pressures, Costa confirmed the situation, arguing that it’s not a matter of evidence, but the assertion that Córdoba was defending his own interests.

The Vice President also pointed out that during the meetings on the Autonomous Community budgets with Córdoba, no non-negotiable issues were raised. He dismissed excuses related to territorial boundaries and certain infrastructures, claiming that these matters were not linked to the defense of the interests of the citizens of Formentera. Costa emphasized that the situation in Formentera is far from satisfactory, but whether Córdoba resigns or not wouldn’t affect the stability of the Government, as the deputy for Formentera isn’t decisive for the majority.

According to the latest reports, Gent per Formentera (GxF) and the PSOE are demanding evidence for the serious accusations made by Sa Unió against the President of the Consell, Llorenç Córdoba. Alejandra Ferrer of GxF expressed concern about the institutional deadlock caused by the crisis in Sa Unió and requested evidence to substantiate the allegations. She also lamented the image of mismanagement projected in the streets and the practical difficulty in resolving the crisis.

Rafa Ramírez of the PSOE echoed the need for evidence amid the serious accusations and expressed concerns over the pending approval of the Consell’s 2024 budget and the repercussions of the crisis on the institution’s daily activities.

In additional remarks on the radio, Córdoba reiterated his refusal to resign, characterizing the situation as a personal attack to ‘seize power in Formentera.’ He defended his stance, arguing that requesting a bonus wouldn’t be illegal and that his claim is linked to the allocation of the Parliament to the mixed group, which he cannot touch as it belongs to the PP and Compromís.

The ongoing political crisis is casting a negative impact on the Consell de Formentera, with no Government Assemblies taking place and the 2024 budget at risk due to the rift between Sa Unió and the current President of the Insular Council. The situation is described as serious and complicated, with the day-to-day operations of the institution at a standstill.

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