Things to do in Formentera in one day


The perfect plan with tips from a resident in Formentera

Formentera, 3 February 2024

If you’re planning to spend an unforgettable day in Formentera coming from Ibiza, here are some tips to make the most of every moment.

Que ver en Formentera en un dia. Toma temprano el ferry de Trasmapi desde el puerto de Ibiza

Board (early) on a ferry from the port of Ibiza

The first piece of advice on what to see in Formentera in one day… on that day, rise and shine. Yes, I know you’re on vacation, but I promise it’s worth it. Catch one of the early ferries from Trasmapi departing from the port of Ibiza.

Pre-purchasing your tickets online with the promotional code 4MENTERA on the official Trasmapi website will not only save you up to 19% off the on-site ticket price but also spare you those long queues that no one wants to face on a day in Formentera.

The advantage of taking the ferry from the port of Ibiza, and not from any other point on the island, is that ferries with this port of origin are the fastest and safest, in addition to being those of companies with the most frequent schedules compared to those departing from any other point in Ibiza.

Take my advice and purchase your tickets online with Trasmapi using our promotional code 4MENTERA, you won’t regret it.

Un ferry de la compañía Trasmapi en el puerto, con un coche blanco entrando a bordo por una rampa. El ferry, llamado Castavi Jet, está preparado para transportar vehículos y pasajeros. El cielo es azul y despejado.

If you have a car or a scooter rented in Ibiza

Every summer we answer this question a good few times: Can I cross to Formentera with the car or scooter rented in Ibiza?

To begin with, you should check if the rental agreement allows you to take the car or scooter between islands, although there is an even bigger condition to consider. The regulations regarding motor vehicle access to Formentera.

In 2021, the Formentera Eco project came into effect, where vehicles circulating in Formentera during the months from June to October must have a permit issued by the Consell de Formentera, with a daily fee for circulating on the island.

As of February 2004, the following rates are established:
In June and September for cars: 6 euros per day (minimum 5 days, 30 euros)
In July and August for cars: 9 euros per day (minimum 5 days, 45 euros)
In June and September for motorcycles: 3 euros per day (minimum 5 days, 15 euros)
In July and August for motorcycles: 4.5 euros per day (minimum 5 days, 22.5 euros)

The issue is that rental cars not registered in Formentera are expressly prohibited from accessing the island, even if the request for temporary circulation permit has been completed.
And to show you that this is not just talk, you can see the proposed fines processed during the period from June 1st to 4th, 2023, at the following link, where you can check that a large portion of the vehicles fined are rental vehicles (“lloguer”), and that fines are processed through license plate reading cameras located at the entrance and exit of the port of La Savina, and along the Formentera road.

Therefore, my recommendation is to leave your rental car parked in Ibiza and take a passenger ferry to Formentera with Trasmapi.

Free parking near the port of Ibiza

Another piece of crucial advice.
Do not even think about entering the city of Ibiza with the intention of parking your car and spending the day in Formentera.

The entire city is regulated under the blue zone system with a maximum parking limit of 2 hours, and the only nearby paid parking is literally very expensive.

The free alternative, once again, involves getting up early and driving to Parking Es Gorg, also known as the IKEA parking lot. Located just 400 meters from the ferry docks heading to Formentera.

It’s a highly sought-after parking spot because it’s relatively close to the city of Ibiza, it’s free, and there’s no time limit for parking, so if you arrive late, it will be (almost) impossible to find a place to park your rental car and go to Formentera stress-free.

Getting around on a one-day getaway in Formentera

To begin with, it’s worth noting that relying on public transportation for a day trip in Formentera is not the most recommended option due to the infrequent schedules and the distance to cover if you want to make the most of your day in Formentera.

If you have a driver’s license for a scooter or a car, I suggest you reserve your vehicle online. With recommended companies like Autos Ca Marí, Proauto Rentacar, and Motorent Pujols, pick-up and return are a breeze. And yes, with the discount code 4MENTERA used on the official website of each of these companies, the price will be even better than at their offices in the port of Formentera, La Savina port.

They have scooters of all models and brands, and the same goes for car models, although a basic and economical one will be more than enough to enjoy Formentera in one day.

The final decision on whether you prefer to drive a car or a scooter should begin by asking yourself if you have enough experience to ride a scooter or a motorcycle. During the summer, we see many people riding a two-wheeled vehicle without the confidence or skill, and the last thing anyone wants on a one-day visit to Formentera is to have an accident for that reason… I think we all agree on that.

Que hacer en Formentera en un día. Alquila una moto en un coche para moverte con libertad

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Find out the wind direction in Formentera for that day

Now, the secret to fully enjoying the beaches. Once at the La Savina port, inquire at the tourist office or from the vehicle rental provider about the wind direction that day. You’ll want to know which beaches will have calmer seas.

Opt for those where the wind goes from land to sea; this way, you’ll have calm waters and that turquoise blue that makes Formentera’s beaches so charming.

In any case, don’t worry because from this article, we’ll provide you with the most suitable tips to make the most of the beaches we recommend visiting and everything else we believe is crucial to see on a one-day visit to Formentera.

Exploring the beaches of the Natural Park: Ses Illetes and Levante

If you’re planning a one-day getaway in Formentera, the island’s beaches are undoubtedly the crown jewel. We start with the most well-known beaches located in the Ses Salines Natural Park: Ses Illetes and Levante. Just a few minutes by vehicle from the La Savina port, these beaches are easily accessible in no time.

Que ver en Formentera en un día. Visita la playa de Ses Illetes en el Parque Natural de Ses Salines

To get there, keep in mind that, being a natural park area, vehicles must pay a small fee for parking. And here’s a golden tip: arrive early. Once the parking area is full, access for private cars and motorcycles is closed, and you may end up waiting for hours until the barrier is lifted again to allow in a few more vehicles, one by one.

Ses Illetes, the undisputed queen, offers breathtaking waters, while Levante, behind Illetes, has crystal-clear waters and a smaller volume of visitors. Ses Illetes is the ideal choice when the wind blows from the east, creating a dreamlike scene.

On the other hand, Levante becomes the preferred option when the wind comes from the west. The proximity between both beaches, thanks to Formentera’s unique shape in this part of its coast, makes the beaches of the Natural Park our top recommendation when it comes to beaches.

An additional suggestion is that after enjoying the morning until noon on one of these two beaches, head to one of the numerous restaurants offering local cuisine for lunch.

This way, you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants based on your budget and culinary preferences. Besides, you’ll have the opportunity to explore another beach gem in the second half of the day.

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Where to eat on a one-day visit to Formentera

When it comes to delighting your palate in Formentera, several options await you in distinctive locations on the island. Let’s explore what makes dining in Sant Francesc or Es Caló de Sant Agustí a complete experience and let you decide where you prefer based on your tastes and budget for that day.

Dining in Es Caló de Sant Agustí: Seaside Views and Culinary Delights

If you’re seeking a spot with breathtaking sea views and a dining experience of the highest quality and service, Es Caló de Sant Agustí, located at kilometer 12 of the main road, is your destination. This picturesque fishing village captivates at first sight, offering a selection of three restaurants and a coffee bar. Here, you’ll find all the culinary options that make the island’s cuisine unique, along with an extensive menu of sandwiches and tapas at Can Rafalet. Delight your senses with the flavors of the sea while immersing yourself in the authenticity of this coastal gem.

It’s worth mentioning that Es Caló de Sant Agustí deserves a visit throughout your day in Formentera, whether you decide to dine here or elsewhere on the island. Save some time during your one-day visit to Formentera to explore this beautiful enclave of the island.

Que hacer en Formentera en un día. Vista Es caló de Sant Agustí
Que ver en Formentera en un día. Visitar Sant Francesc

Dining in Sant Francesc: Plenty of Options in the Capital

Head to the capital of Formentera, Sant Francesc, and you’ll discover a charming pedestrian center filled with gastronomic options. Here, the wide variety of restaurants and terraces invites you to indulge in local delights.

You can choose from restaurants offering various cuisines, both national and international, and opt for anything from a more affordable set menu to à la carte dining in some of the island’s best restaurants. Besides satisfying your appetite, this place will also immerse you in the history of the town with its cobblestone streets and character-filled shops.

Keep in mind that dining in Sant Francesc means giving up seaside views as it is located in the center of Formentera. However, you’ll gain the experience of exploring the capital of the island and have the option of a greater number of establishments for your dining choice.

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What to see in Formentera in one day: Migjorn Beach

After indulging in a delicious feast during your one-day visit to Formentera, I have a recommendation that you won’t want to miss: the marvelous Migjorn Beach.
Let me tell you why this coastal gem is a must-visit on your day exploring Formentera.

Que ver en Formentera en un día. Visitar la playa de Migjorn

Migjorn is the visual epitome of Formentera’s coastline; the name of this part of the island comes from its southern orientation, and its extensive stretch of beach spans over 6 kilometers, changing names along its shores. The Migjorn Beach is, in reality, many consecutive beaches, so to speak.

Crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, combined with large rocks creating intimate corners, make it ideal for those who practice nudism with naturalness and respect. Whether you’re a fan of swimsuits or prefer to feel the sun and the sea without restrictions on every inch of your skin, you’ll find your spot here.

Some parts of Migjorn Beach may be more crowded, while others will offer you the tranquility of having practically the entire beach to yourself. And the best part… getting there is easy, and there are usually no parking issues. Almost any turn from the many dirt roads, to the right on the main road after Sant Ferran, will lead you to some stretch of this wonderful beach.

My personal recommendations for you to discover the best of Migjorn are:

  • Es Codol Foradat Beach (Kilometer 8.5)
  • La Fragata Beach (Kilometer 10.5)
  • Es Arenals Beach (Kilometer 11)

And don’t forget to visit one of the famous beach bars in the area. One of our favorites is Kiosko Pirata Bus, located between Es Arenals Beach and La Fragata.
Can you imagine enjoying a beer or a mojito with spectacular sea views? An experience you won’t want to miss!

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Es Caló de Sant Agustí: A Must-Visit on Your One-Day Getaway to Formentera

If you haven’t chosen to dine in Es Caló de Sant Agustí earlier, your one-day visit to Formentera should go beyond bathing in one or two beaches. So, I have a suggestion that will add a special and unforgettable touch to your one-day visit to Formentera.

Around 6:00 PM, it’s time to leave the beach you’re at. Get back in your rental car or scooter and head south on the main road. The destination? The charming village of Es Caló, located at kilometer 11.5 on the main road—a place you can’t miss if you’re wondering what to do in a day in Formentera.

Upon arriving at the fishing port of the village, you’ll be greeted by the picturesque sight of around 30 boats sheltered under wooden sheds and protected by the small concrete pier that serves as the town square for locals and visitors alike.

Que ver en Formentera en un día. Comer en Es caló de Sant Agustí

This traditional fishing port is a gem that offers authenticity and views that will leave you breathless. Get ready to be unable to resist capturing every corner with your mobile camera and filling your Instagram profile with memories – Es Caló de Sant Agustí is truly a picturesque village!

Heading to La Mola in Your One-Day Plan in Formentera

After falling in love with the beauty and atmosphere of Es Caló, hop back into your rental car or scooter in Formentera and continue your journey south, ascending towards La Mola. You’ll traverse a steep road that plunges into a forest of pines and junipers. Drive carefully and unhurriedly as it’s a road with many winding curves, and you’ll share the road with many cyclists.

The twists of the La Mola road conclude at Bar Restaurante Es Mirador, at kilometer 14.3, and here, get ready to be amazed. From the parking area or, even better, from the Mirador terrace, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view spanning Formentera from south to north, with the Migjorn coast on one side and the Es Carnatge coast on the other, as well as the silhouette of Ibiza and the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell decorating the horizon.

From this point, you’ll have a unique view of Formentera and Ibiza that you won’t see from any other spot on the islands, so take your time, relax, and savor the views.

Que ver en Formentera en un día. Visitar Es Mirador
Que ver en Formentera en un día. Visitar Mercado hippy en La Mola

Hippy Market on your Formentera in one day visit 

Now, we’ll continue the route towards Pilar de La Mola, the true heart of elevated Formentera. This is the only village that crowns this area, and I promise it’s worth the visit.

If, by chance, your day in Formentera coincides with a Wednesday or Sunday, you’re in luck. Those are the days when the La Mola Craft Market comes to life, also known as the Hippy Market. Over 50 artisans transform this place with colorful and authentic stalls set up under specially erected thatched shelters. It’s quite a spectacle where you can immerse yourself in the creativity and skills of these talented artists.

Upon arrival, you’ll notice that the village transforms to welcome the large number of visitors arriving by cars and scooters. But don’t worry, there are several free parking areas for everyone.

Now, if your visit doesn’t align with market days, don’t worry. La Mola remains a tranquil and peaceful spot throughout the rest of the week. Here, the church built in the 18th century stands as the most prominent historical element. Walking through its streets will transport you to a serene atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle, where authenticity and history intertwine.

What to see in a day in Formentera: Island History at La Mola Lighthouse

Our next stop takes us to a place full of history and majesty: the La Mola Lighthouse, which is located just about two kilometers in a straight line from the village of Pilar.

This lighthouse, a witness to the passage of time since its construction in 1861, is not only an architectural gem but also has a fascinating history. In fact, it served as inspiration for the renowned writer Julio Verne in his novel “Hector Servadac.” Isn’t it incredible to imagine the stories that this lighthouse has witnessed over the years?

If you wish, you can delve into the historical richness of the lighthouse. For a modest entrance fee, you can explore the museum located in the lighthouse keeper’s house. However, please note that access to the lantern room is not allowed.

Que ver en Formentera en un día. Visitar faro de La Mola

While walking around the lighthouse, you’ll witness breathtaking views from the cliffs of La Mola, with a vertical drop of approximately 80 meters to the sea. It’s essential to exercise caution when approaching the edge of the cliff and, especially, when taking selfies. Always maintain perspective of the situation and the location to ensure a safe and uneventful experience.
Doný ruin your Formentera in one day gateaway.

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Closing the Day in Splendor: Sunset in Formentera

Now, the perfect culmination for your Formentera in one day plan will be witnessing a sunset that will take your breath away. If you have the energy to drive a bit more, I would recommend heading to Cala Saona to enjoy the spectacle from the beach itself or from the cliffs on the right side.

Yes, it’s true that the distance from La Mola Lighthouse to Cala Saona may seem relatively long, considering the size of Formentera. But believe me, it will be worth every extra kilometer. The magic of the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea is something you’ll remember forever, and Cala Saona provides the perfect setting for this magical show.

Now, if you prefer to head to the port and witness the sunset from a closer location, I suggest heading to the La Savina pier itself.

Que ver en Formentera en un día. Puesta de sol en Cala Saona

Here, on the rocks of the west breakwater, you can enjoy an unforgettable view. Or, if you prefer, get to the rooftop of one of the bars in the port, and have a refreshing drink while the sun bids farewell on the horizon.

Whichever option you choose, rest assured that you will conclude your day in Formentera with a display of colors that will make you grateful for every moment spent on this magical Mediterranean island.

Que ver en Formentera en un dia. Toma temprano el ferry de Trasmapi de Formentera a Ibiza

Back to Ibiza after Discovering Formentera in One Day

Now it’s time to put the finishing touch on your unforgettable day in Formentera: the return to Ibiza with Trasmapi ferry. If you followed our initial recommendation to travel with this company, you can board any of their ships heading back as soon as you arrive at the La Savina port.

Depending on the month of your visit, the last departure will extend until 11:00 pm. So, you’ll have plenty of time to squeeze every last second out of your magical day in Formentera!

Allow me to give you a useful tip: just as we suggested waking up early to make the most of your day in Formentera, avoid the boats departing to Ibiza between 5:00 pm and 6:30pm. During that period, they tend to be busier across all companies, and we want to ensure your return is as comfortable as your arrival.

In any case, I hope this guide on “what to do in Formentera in one day” has been helpful in turning your brief visit into an unforgettable experience. Formentera has shown you its best side; now it’s time to carry those memories with you and return to Ibiza with your heart full of new experiences!

I’m Ramón Tur, the person behind everything written and photographed on this website about Formentera. I discovered the island in 1972 when my parents, aboard the mythical Joven Dolores, took me on vacation from Ibiza for the first time, and it was love at first sight that has only grown stronger over time, making Formentera my place of residence for many years now. If you wish, you can follow me on Instagram @4mentera.com_

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discount codes section first !