Troubled construction of luxury apartments in Es Pujols


Technical difficulties, flooding, public services disruption

Formentera, December 26, 2023

In the tourist village of Es Pujols, Formentera, at the junction of Fonoll Marí street and the promenade, the commencement of construction for a luxury hotel triggered a small environmental disaster in November 2022. This led the Consell de Formentera to halt the construction due to serious breaches of safety measures. The excavation, covering 1,600 square meters, collapsed on November 22 of that year, affecting the adjacent pedestrian street, urban services, and causing damage to the beach.

The project, led at that time by Himar Constructora and intended to be managed by Universal Beach Hotels, was scheduled for inauguration in 2023. However, it turned into a disaster due to a lack of technical precautions in excavating a tertiary dune.

The absence of shoring led to lateral collapse, rendering vital public services such as water, electricity, and telephone lines unusable and causing damage to the beach just meters from the construction site.

Despite the suspension of work at the time and the approval of a plan to secure the site, excavation on the dune became even more complicated due to intense winter rains, completely flooding the excavation and raising significant doubts about the management of the construction by the then responsible parties.

In a surprising twist surrounding the urban development project, Jon Uriarte Uranga, the current president of Athletic de Bilbao, emerged as the new owner of Blue Sea S.L., the promoter of the future 37 luxury apartments in Es Pujols. The company, now represented by All Iron Inversiones 2017, owned by Uriarte Uranga, recently resumed construction with a contingency plan and measures to secure the stability of the excavated dune, following its announcement of sale in March.

Let’s hope that the actions taken from now on do not bring any more surprises for both residents and the natural environment surrounding the concerned plot.

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