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From this section of the website we offer you the possibility of reserving your car or motorcycle with the best car rental companies in Formentera. Totally trustworthy and professional companies, vehicles in perfect condition, with an office in the port and with discount codes for you: 4MENTERA 

By accessing any of the promotions and discounts that you will find on this page, the relationship will be established exclusively between you and the chosen company.

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Car, motorcycle and bicycle hire in Formentera


✅ Decide what type of vehicle you need.
✅ Choose a reputable company with offices all over the island.
✅ Take advantage of our online discounts to get the best price.


Car hire in Formentera

One of the first issues to consider when choosing a hire company in Formentera, would be to see if the type of vehicle you are looking for is among its offer, at what price, where you can pick it up and where you can return it and, very important, what are the rental conditions regarding the consumption of petrol, the type of insurance franchise, how many offices they have on the island in case you need help at some point, in short, the small print of the contract.

Scooter hire in Formentera

In the same way that we commented with the car hire, we could extrapolate it to the motorcycle hire in Formentera but adding the concepts to whether you are looking for a scooter, a Vespa, or a big bike.

Car hire in Formentera port, La Savina

La Savina is the port of Formentera and where 99.9% of its visitors arrive on the island. That is why when choosing a car rental company in Formentera, make sure they have an office at the port if you intend to drive from the first moment you reach the island.

Another possibility is that the hiring company will send the car or scooter to your accommodation, be it a hotel, a holiday home or an apartment.

The three companies that we recommend from meet any of these requirements because they have offices all over the island and professional employees that will make any process or management easier if you compare it with the international hire companies.

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