Autos Ca Marí

Local company with vehicles always in mint condition and 4 offices on the island.
Open from Easter till the end of October.

“Cars, scooters and bicycles in excellent condition and at a good price”

Autos Ca Marí.
Cars, scooters, and bicycles hire in Formentera.

By accessing any of the promotions and discounts you will find on this page, the relationship will be established between you and Autos Ca Marí.

Below you can see the location of 3 of its 9 offices on the island so you can decide which one will suit you best when picking up and/or returning your vehicle.

Port of La Savina:
Ca Marí:
Es Caló:

Autos Ca Marí

✅ Large fleet of cars and scooters.
✅ Professional and trustworthy team.
✅ Four offices distributed throughout the island.

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What should I rent, a car or scooter?

This is the question that many people make themselves when planning their holidays in Formentera.
For its size, Formentera is ideal place to be discovered on a scooter but you should be used to drive one before renting a bike during your summer holiday in Formentera.

The car, on the other hand, gives you the comfort and safety that a bike doesn´t….. and the parking issue is usually not a problem either for cars or bikes, so the decision should be made based on how many people you are traveling with, and on what type of vehicle you will feel safer when driving along the road and dusty trails of Formentera.

Autos Ca Marí will make it easy since you can decide for the car hire in Formentera or the bike hire in Formentera ….. The question is to be able to move at your own pace and enjoy the island as you deserve.

Car hire in Formentera

In Autos Ca Marí you will find a wide range of cars, brands, and categories.
From the economical and cheap to the high-end ones such as the Fiat Panda, a simple but very practical vehicle to know Formentera, and even the Jeep Wrangler or the Mythical Citroen Mehari, cars that, apart from driving you to the best beaches, they will do it with “glamor”.
; )

Remember that we can offer you a discount code when booking on the website of Autos Ca Marí entering the promo code 4mentera
Click here and book now.

Bike hire in Formentera

Del mismo modo que con la oferta de coches, Autos Ca Marí ofrece a sus clientes una amplia y variada flota de scooters con cilindradas que van desde los 49cc hasta 125cc. El tipo de moto ideal con la que descubrir Formentera y todas sus playas y rincones secretos.

En el siguiente enlace podrás reservar tu moto con el mejor precio online al contratar con Autos Ca Marí gracias nuestro código de descuento 4mentera

Rent a car or bike in the port of Formentera

Autos Ca Marí has an office in the port of La Savina, the port of Formentera, so when you arrive on the island, if you have previously booked your vehicle online, the pick up of your vehicle will be much faster…. and cheper if you use our promo code 4mentera
They also have offices in Es Caló and Ca Marí on Migjorn beach.

Full tank

When you hire your car or motorbike with Autos Ca Marí, you will receive the vehicle with a full tank and in the same way, they expect it to be returned.

In Formentera we only have two petrol stations so, before returning your vehicle, you just stop and fill the tank.
And, if for any reason, you can not stop to fill the tank, do not worry too much as Autos Ca Marí will charge you the price of the petrol you spent.

Book now your car or bike with Autos Ca Marí!