Torre de Punta Prima

Built in 1762, the Torre de Punta Prima is the largest of the defense towers of Formentera and from its location guarded the entire east coast of the island.

Torre de Punta Prima, Formentera

✅ Defense tower built on the cliffs of Punta Prima in 1762
✅ It is the largest of the four defense towers in Formentera.
✅ Defending the island from the attacks arriving from the Eastern Mediterranean.

Facilities :
Outside visit
Interior access
Photographic interest
Public WC
Information point
Location :

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How to reach Torre de Punta Prima

Halfway between the towns of Sant Ferran and Es Pujols, you will find a detour, to the right or left, depending on whether you come from one side or the other, which will take you in the direction of Punta Prima.
From this detour, most of the journey is on asphalt except for the last 600 meters that run along a wide dirt road until reaching the foot of the Punta Prima Tower.


The Torre de Punta Prima is a defense tower built in the 18th century under the direction of the military engineer Juan Ballester de Zafra.
It is the largest of the four defense towers in Formentera and its body is frustoconical, has two floors, stands on a circular base and consists of a sentry box and a parapet.
The access door is located on the first floor to make it difficult for the attackers to enter.


Sunrise and Moonrise 

The location of the Punta Prima tower gives it, like all the defense towers of Formentera, a wide field of vision over the sea, in this case, to the east.
That is why, at the foot of the tower and with the cliffs of La Mola on the horizon, we can enjoy an excellent view from the front line to see both the sun and the moon rise … and even better if it is full moon.

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