Beaches on Formentera

All the beaches in Formentera, from the best known to the secret corners. You will love them all.

“Best beaches on Formentera”

Ses Illetes

Located in the northern part of the island, Ses Illetes is undoubtedly the best known and most famous beach in Formentera. Its crystalline waters, narrow peninsula of white sand, its west orientation and its coastline dotted with islets, have made Illetes the beach where everyone wants to be, at least, one day.


Levante beach shares the same northern portion as Ses Illetes but with east orientation. Much quieter than its neighbor also offers a very large portion of sand and crystal clear water with the dune system at the back.

Cavall den Borràs

Cavall den Borràs is the beach found just before Ses Illetes and is also part of the Natural Park of Ses Salines. With easy access, it is an excellent option to enjoy a beautiful beach in the northern part of Formentera.

Ses Canyes

Ses Canyes is located in the northeast part of Formentera and at a short walking distance from Es Pujols. It is a beautiful beach with wide stretches of white sand combined with rocky areas but always with very easy access to the sea.

Cala Saona

Located in the western part of the island, Cala Saona is one of the few beaches with the denomination of cove on the island of Formentera. Its shallow waters make it an ideal place to spend the whole day.

Es Pujols

The beach of Es Pujols is the only “urban” beach of Formentera. A small promenade separates the beach from the village of the same name. With crystal clear waters and fine sand, it has all the facilities you need.

Ses Platgetes

Also known as the beach of Es Caló because of the proximity to the village, Ses Platgetes, is located on the east side of Formentera. The beach is formed by three small bays and is protected by dunes at the back.


Migjorn beach is the very long stretch of the island of Formentera that faces south. With areas of large accumulations of sand and also with rocky areas. Depending to the section of the beach, it has different names.

Es Caló des Mort

Tiny cove at the southern end of Migjorn beach.
White sand and crystal clear water that is accessed by walking along the cliffs of that area of ​​the island.

Es Arenals

Wide sandy beach in the Migjorn area with shallow waters.
It has all the necessary facilities to enjoy of a great day at the beach.

Es Codol Foradat

Beach in Migjorn with a wide area of ​​abundant sand and surrounded by rocky spots and with fishermen’s huts at its southern end.

Es Vogamarí

Located in the Migjorn coast, Es Vogamarí beach is an extensive area of ​​sand and some rocks and dunes at the back.

Playa Real

Real Playa is located in the northern part of Migjorn and this stretch of coast gets its name from the restaurant that you will find in the area.

Es Pou des Verro

Rocky area that protects a large group of huts and fishing boats.
Located between Es Caló and the cliffs of La Mola.

Es Copinar

Small sandy and rocky beach at the southern tip of Migjorn, where you will find the famous kiosko de Bartolo.

Ca Marí

Located in the southern part of Migjorn, Ca Marí beach is a very quiet area where you can enjoy the sea with all the facilities you need.

Es Valencians

Es Valencians, located in the middle part of Migjorn, is a tiny sandy beach, protected by rocks and boathuts.

Formentera beaches

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Formentera beaches: Open all year long

Although the summer season in Formentera usually begins with the arrival of Easter and lasts until the end of October, the truth is that its beaches are “open” all year round and the sea does not excessively lower its temperature at any time of the year.
Many of the people who visit us in summer, when you tell them that we live here all year, the most frequent question is “What do you do in winter?” If you like to have a quite live, there are many things to do in the Formentera winter and one of those is to enjoy the sunny days at the beach.

Formentera beaches: Choose according to wind direction

One of the peculiarities that Formentera has is that, since the distances are so short, changing from one beach to another is not a big thing and in a few minutes, you can be on the other side of the island.

That, of course, assuming that you drive a car or a scooter.

The wind direction can condition your day at the beach. If the wind comes from the sea, you will have waves and if the wind comes from inland, you will have a flat sea. You can decide what kind of day at a Formentera beach you are looking for.

Many of those who arrive for the first time to Formentera already have a previous image in their minds because of the photos they have seen on Instagram with the perfect picture of amazing blue colors and flat sea.
So, keep in mind that if you come for a few days, sometimes those same photos can not be taken, just because of the wind direction. The same beach doesn’t look the same if you visit it with a flat or a rough sea.

Before leaving your accommodation on Formentera, pay attention to the wind direction.

  • When east wind 

Best beaches on Formentera to find a flat sea: Ses Illetes, Cavall den Borras, Cala Saona and those at Migjorn area.

  • When west wind

Best Formentera beaches to find a flat sea: Levante, Ses Platgetes, Es Pujols and Sa Roqueta.

  • When north wind

The flat sea will be found at Migjorn, Cala En Baster and all the Migjorn area.

  • When south wind

You´ll find a flat sea at Ses Platgetes, Es Pujols, Sa Roqueta, Cala Saona, Ses Illetes, and Levante.

If you´re not sure what direction the wind is coming from, just ask a local. We´re used to knowing where the wind is blowing from.

Formentera Beaches: Protecting the dune system

While in Formentera you will find elevated wooden paths that protect the dune system of many beaches on the island. Simple recommendation (request). Whenever there are, access the beach through these wooden walkways because they are there to protect the dune system and all the flora and fauna they host.

Don´t walk on the dune system, please.

Formentera Beaches: Emergency services

The lifeguard service is not found on all the Formentera beaches nor is it year-round.

Lifeguards do a fantastic job every summer and they help many bathers to get out of dangerous situations at sea that, however beautiful and placid it may seem, sometimes shows its rawer side.

Formentera has 6 lifeguard towers on the main beaches of the island. A very professional team of people that we hope you never need during your holiday on the island.

In the description of each of the beaches in Formentera on our website, we will tell you if the beach has a lifeguard service or not.

And if you see someone in trouble at the beach, you can always call 112 the emergency phone number in Spain.


Nude beaches on Formentera

No beach is listed as a nude beach in Formentera but, indeed, it has always been a common practice on the island since the early 70s tourists.

If you are one of those who like sunbathing and get a full tan, the beaches to avoid are the most visited like Ses Illetes, Es Pujols or Es Arenals. You will feel more comfortable being naked in the many corners that Migjorn offers or at Ses Canyes too.