Cavall den Borràs

Located between the beach of Illetes and the town of La Savina, Es Cavall den Borràs is located within the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

Es Cavall d´en Borràs

✅ Crystal clear waters in the Ses Salines Natural Park.
✅ Restricted access to vehicles but without the crowds of Illetes.
✅ An excellent beach to watch the sunset in Formentera.

Facilities :
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
WC Publico
Public WC
Water activities
Location :

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How to reach Es Cavall d´en Borràs?

Es Cavall d´en Borràs beach is located in the Ses Salines Natural Park and is located between Ses Illetes beach and La Savina port. If you want to get there on foot from the port of Formentera, you just have to follow the coastline to the north, without accessing the main road, and go along the path parallel to the sea until you reach the beach itself.

You will find it 1 kilometer away from the moment you leave the port area. If you go by car or motorcycle from La Savina, take the main road and then the detour to Illetes.
After just over 1.5 kilometers, you will find a shaded parking area for cars and motorcycles.

Park there and walk towards the sea. There is one more access that would be through the path that leads to Illetes, and the arrival at the beach, on the wooden walkway, with the trees framing Es Vedrà in the background, is spectacular.

Access by motor vehicle is regulated in the summer months and you will have to pay a fee to enter and park.


Es Cavall d´en Borràs beach owes its name to a horse that, back in 1850, lived in the area and was owned by Antonio Borràs (El Caballo de Borrás). We have always loved knowing the reason for some names.
It is a beach of fine sand that, to a large extent, is protected by the dune system at its back and with accesses of wooden walkways that must always be respected and always avoided, walking on the sand of the dunes. Es Cavall d´en Borràs beach reaches, so to speak, up to Es Molí de Sal and measures approximately 700 meters from end to end.

What is very characteristic of this beach is that in some sections of it, it is very narrow and with a very steep slope. It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Formentera and, surprisingly, it is not very visited since most people ust want to go to Illetes. Better this way, to be honest.


Cavall d´en Borràs Beach has the majority of facilities that the beaches on Formentera can have, although not all.

If you intend to rent a hammock and umbrella to spend the day lying comfortably, do not worry at all since on this stretch of the Formentera coast, there are several lots that rent them.
Consider that, in high season, they may be all already occupied upon arrival.
There are no lifeguards on the Cavall d´en Borràs beach and although it is not a dangerous beach at all, always be careful and avoid unnecessary risks.
You will find two restaurants on the beach, one of them has become especially famous in recent years and there are even people who call the beach by the name of the restaurant. We refuse to do so, of course.

Es Cavall d’en Borràs is marked with buoys to separate the bathing area from the navigation area of ​​the boats and also has two access channels for the auxiliary boats of the boats anchored in the area. Remember that, for your safety, you should never swim in the buoy areas that prohibit it and more especially here where there is no presence of lifeguards.

Es Cavall d´en Borràs sunset spot

Es Cavall d´en Borràs is an excellent beach from which to watch the sunset in Formentera.
Its west orientation will give you a magnificent view of sunset over the horizon.

It is not usually a very quiet beach to watch the sunset because many people gather, but if that is what you are looking for, look no further because you have already found it: Es Cavall d´en Borràs is your beach to watch the sunset in Formentera.

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I’m Ramón Tur, the person behind everything written and photographed on this website about Formentera. I discovered the island in 1972 when my parents, aboard the mythical Joven Dolores, took me on vacation from Ibiza for the first time, and it was love at first sight that has only grown stronger over time, making Formentera my place of residence for many years now. If you wish, you can follow me on Instagram @4mentera.com_

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