Es Valencians

Es Valencians is located in the middle part of the Migjorn area.
A tiny and usually little-frequented sandy beach between rocks with boathouses belonging to the local fishermen.

Es Valencians

✅ It is usually a beach with few people.
✅ You will find fishermen’s huts on both sides of the beach.
✅ Without any beach service.

Facilities :
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
Public WC
Water activities
Location :

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How to get to Es Valencians?


To get to Es Valencians beach you have to take the main road towards La Mola until you find, on the right side, a stone that indicates kilometer 10.3
From that point you just have to follow the path until you find the sea and once there, you have two options, park in the parking lot enabled for it, or continue along the path parallel to the sea until you reach the end and reach the well-known beach. like Es Valencians.



Es Valencians, unlike other beaches in the Migjorn area, tends to maintain, year after year, a large amount of sand on which to lie down to sunbathe. It is a small beach, where there are not many people and, being protected by rocks on both sides of the beach, they protect it from the winter storms, which are the ones that usually drag the sand from one side to the other throughout the entire part. of Migjorn.

I am not sure where the name of this small Migjorn beach comes from, so I will not speculate on the subject, but the truth is that, Es Valencians, is the name by which all the people of Formentera know this stretch of the beach. Migjörn beach.

Beach Services

This stretch of Migjorn beach does not have any beach services. There is no kiosk or beach bar, no parasol or hammock rental, no lifeguards, no public toilets, and you will find the closest restaurant on Es Vogamarí beach, about 500 meters away.

Therefore, if you decide to spend the day at Es Valencians beach, remember that you should bring everything you think you will need.
Food, drink, shelter… and when you leave, don’t forget to take all the remains or waste of your day on this beautiful beach in the Migjorn area.

Boat Huts

As in many other points on the coast of Formentera, on the beach of Es Valencians you will find several boathuts that the fishermen of the area use to protect their boats and generate a very attractive shade for those of us who are going to spend the day on the beach.
No owner of a boathouse in Formentera will tell you anything for being in the shadow of their boathouse, that is, respect the place, do not get on the boat and collect all the rubbish that you may have generated when leaving.
If respect is mutual, we can all enjoy those shadows by the sea in Formentera.

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