Es Pou des Verro

Es Pou des Verro is not a beach of sand but a set of boat huts, located on the rocks between Es Caló and the cliffs of La Mola

Es Pou des Verro

✅ Located between Es Caló and the cliffs of La Mola.
✅ Set of llaut huts on a rocky part of the coast.
✅ Ideal for snorkeling.

Facilities :
Life guard
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
Public WC
Water activities
Location :

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How to reach Es Pou des Verro

To get to Es Pou des Verro, follow the main road towards La Mola and, at kilometer 11.3 take the detour that is on the opposite side of the road, next to the Hotel Entre Pinos.
We continue along this path and turn left through the first detour until we find the sea and the group of boathouses.


Es Pou des Verro is not a beach as such but an area set up by the island’s fishermen to store their llauts and boats under the wooden structures called “escars”.
A rocky area ideal for snorkeling and enjoying the vision of the underwater life in the waters of this part of Formentera.
It is an ideal area if you are looking for a quiet space in which to relax under the shade of the wooden structures that protect the boats.
Remember that you must always respect both the boats and the wooden structures and be respectful with the environment and the sea and not leave any type of garbage or debris, neither on the boats nor on the rocks that make up this beautiful enclave of the island.

Facilities at Es Pou des Verro

In this section of the coast of Formentera you will not find any type of service for bathers since, as I have previously commented, it is not actually a beach but a rocky area on the east coast of Formentera and at no time have services been proposed of this type since it is an enclave eminently dedicated to the protection of fishing boats.

In the same way, we must be careful with boats anchored in the area since, even though there is a limitation of approach to the coast marked by a line of buoys, it is frequent that some outboard or some jet ski do not comply with the regulations and get too close to shore.


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