Real Playa

Real Playa is located in the northern part of Migjorn and this stretch of coast gets its name from the restaurant that you will find in the area.

Real Playa

✅ Wide sandy and rocky beach with wooden walkway to protect the dunes.
✅ Located in the northern part of Migjorn.
✅ It owes its name to the only restaurant in the area.

Facilities :
Life guard
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
Public WC
Water activities
Location :

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How to reach Real Playa

To get to the beach of Real Playa you must take the main road towards La Mola until you find, at kilometer 7.1, a deviation to the right that indicates it.
Like almost all the beaches of Migjorn, when you leave the main road you will travel along a wide dirt road that you should drive at a moderate speed since there are houses on both sides of the road.

When you reach the end of the road you will find several parking areas where you can leave your car or motorcycle and, as it is an area with dunes, you must always respect the protected area and do not park where it is not allowed.


Playa Real gets its name from the only restaurant in the area and it has always been the name that this stretch of the Migjorn coast has received among the people of Formentera.

A long stretch of wooden walkway runs along the entire beach to protect the dune system in this part of Formentera.
Every certain distance you will find accesses to the beach, so you can comfortably decide where to sunbathe and enjoy the crystal clear waters of this beach with a family atmosphere.

The beach has sandy areas and rocky areas, although, as in much of Migjorn, sea currents and winter storms can change the appearance of the beach from one year to the next.

Facilities at Real Playa

The Real Playa stretch of coast owes its name to the only restaurant in the area and the same owners manage the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas on the stretch of beach right in front of their establishment.
This stretch of coast of Formentera does not have a lifeguard service or public toilets, as well as rental of water activities.


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