Located in the northern part of Formentera and forming part of the Ses Salines Natural Park, Illetes, receives a large number of visitors during the peak summer months.

“Illetes, the most famous Formentera beach”

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Ses Illetes

✅ Considered one of the best beaches in Europe, it is the most famous in Formentera.
✅ Located in the Ses Salines Natural Park, vehicle access is limited.
✅ White sand and turquoise shallow waters.

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How to get to Ses Illetes?

It should be noted that Ses Illetes beach is part of the Ses Salines Natural Park and that, since 2015, motor vehicle access is regulated during the summer months.
Access on foot or by bicycle is free and without limit of places, cars and motorcycles pay a fee for entry and parking, while there is space available, and quads are totally prohibited from entering, so keep these factors in mind when deciding which vehicle to rent on your holiday in Formentera.

We will arrive at Ses Illetes beach from La Savina or from Es Pujols, always bordering s´Estany Pudent until we reach the entrance to the path that announces the name of the beach.
Once there, if you visit Formentera in the summer season, you drive to the access control barrier where you will have to pay based on the vehicle you drive, as we have already mentioned before.

Access control is shared with people who want to go to the neighboring Levante beach and the parking areas are controlled in turn by who will tell you where to park exactly.
Once the last parking space is full, you will have to look for another of the many beaches of Formentera because Ses Illetes, at that moment, puts the “complete” sign for the rest of the day.


Ses Illetes beach is a stripe of white sand and turquoise waters where the sea gains depth in a very progressive way, and that is why you have to go deeper than 50 meters to reach a depth of only 1.5 meters. For this reason and because of the clarity of its waters, the light and colors are reflected in the way they do, generating the greatest range of blues and turquoise that we all fall in love with when we see photos of Ses Illetes beach in Formentera. Most of the beach is protected, behind it, by the dune system which you must respect and not walk on it but on the wooden walkways installed for that reason. In the second half of the beach of Ses Illetes, following the shore in a north direction, you will find a rock elevation of about 15 meters of altitude, from which, once you reach the top, you will be able to see the extension of the beach of Ses Illetes that you still have to go if you intend to reach its extreme. The view from this high point is impressive no matter which direction you look, so if you go to Ses Illetes beach one of the days of your vacation in Formentera, be sure to go to this point and enjoy the moment.

Facilities in Ses Illetes

Ses Illetes beach has almost all the service possibilities that you can find in the best beaches of Formentera. Having said that, keep in mind that due to its size, perhaps what you need or hope to find is not on the stretch of beach you chose. Ses Illetes beach has several sections with rental of sunbeds and umbrellas but, due to the large influx of people it receives, it is not surprising that before noon they are all occupied. How could it be otherwise, Ses Illetes has a watchtower and the presence of lifeguards who are monitoring the possible incidents that occur throughout the day. Ses Illetes beach has at least one rental concession for water activities where you can practice sailing in an environment of crystal clear waters. Ses Illetes beach does not have any beach bars and the offer of restaurants is wide but all in the same price line.

We will not say if they are cheap or expensive because that depends on your budget. All the restaurants on the beach of Ses Illetes have their price list exposed to the public, with which, if you decide to eat or drink something, it will be previously assuming what you will pay for it. Just some common sense.

Es Pas des Trucadors

The northern end of Ses Illetes beach is known as Es Pas des Trucadors and is the stretch of sea that separates the island of Formentera from the island of S´Espalmador.
If you are one of those who decides to walk to the end of the Ses Illetes beach, you can enjoy the place.
Keep in mind that accessing from one island to another entails risk and that is why, permanently, a red flag flies as a sign of danger in the area. It is a very shallow channel and you will probably see people crossing.
But you should know that sometimes there are very strong currents and that the risk is 100% real.

Sunset in Ses Illetes

The beach has a perfect orientation to enjoy the sunset in Formentera while being accompanied by the silhouette of Es Vedrà, the coast of Ibiza and … probably many boats anchored in front of you. It is a beach, in general, quiet in which to enjoy the sunset and, being so long, you will always find your ideal space to enjoy the sunset in Formentera.

Main advice when visiting Ses Illetes

All the people who visit Formentera, at least for one day, they want to spend it on this amazing beach.
Our advice.
Get up early, that day you should get up early.
The earlier you arrive, the easier it will be to access the parking lot, the less people you will find in Ses Illetes and the more you will enjoy the best beach in Formentera.
And, one more tip, that day do not forget your mobile phone to be fully charged.
You will take hundreds photos of that amazing blue sea for your Instagram account !!!