Located in the northern part of Formentera and forming part of the Ses Salines Natural Park, Illetes, receives a large number of visitors during the peak summer months.

Ses Illetes

✅ Considered one of the best beaches in Europe, it is the most famous in Formentera.
✅ Located in the Ses Salines Natural Park, vehicle access is limited.
✅ White sand and turquoise shallow waters.

Facilities :
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
WC Publico
Public WC
Actividades acuáticas
Water activities
Location :

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How to get to Ses Illetes?

It should be noted that Ses Illetes beach is part of the Ses Salines Natural Park, and since 2015, motor vehicle access has been regulated during the summer months.

Access on foot or by bicycle is free and unlimited. However, cars and motorcycles are subject to an entry and parking fee as long as space is available. It’s important to consider these factors when deciding which vehicle to rent for your holiday in Formentera. Please note that quad bikes are strictly prohibited from entering the beach area.

We will be arriving at Ses Illetes beach from either La Savina or Es Pujols, following the shoreline of s’Estany Pudent until we reach the entrance of the path that leads to the beach.

Upon arrival, if you visit Formentera during the summer season, you will drive to the access control barrier where you will be required to pay based on the type of vehicle you are driving, as mentioned earlier.

The access control is shared with those who wish to visit the neighboring Levante beach, and the parking areas are monitored by personnel who will direct you to the available parking spaces. Once all the parking spaces are full, you will need to seek out one of the many other beaches in Formentera, as Ses Illetes will display a “full” sign for the remainder of the day.


Ses Illetes beach features a stretch of white sand and turquoise waters, where the depth of the sea gradually increases. To reach a depth of only 1.5 meters, you will need to venture further into the water, beyond the 50-meter mark. The clarity of the water and the play of light and colors create a mesmerizing range of blues and turquoise, captivating anyone who sees photos of Ses Illetes beach in Formentera.

The majority of the beach is protected by a dune system, which must be respected by avoiding walking on it and using the wooden walkways provided. Towards the northern direction, in the second half of Ses Illetes beach, you will encounter a rocky elevation approximately 15 meters high. Upon reaching the top, you will have a breathtaking view of the extended stretch of Ses Illetes beach that lies ahead if you intend to explore its entirety. The view from this elevated point is awe-inspiring, regardless of which direction you gaze. Therefore, if you visit Ses Illetes beach during your vacation in Formentera, make sure to visit this spot and savor the moment.

Facilities in Ses Illetes

Ses Illetes beach offers nearly all the amenities and services found in the finest beaches of Formentera. However, considering its size, it’s important to note that what you may need or expect might not be available on the specific stretch of beach you choose.

Ses Illetes beach is divided into several sections where you can find rental services for sunbeds and umbrellas. Due to the high number of visitors it attracts, it’s not uncommon for these rentals to be fully occupied before noon. Additionally, there is a watchtower and lifeguards present throughout the day, ensuring the safety of beachgoers and promptly addressing any incidents that may arise.

For those seeking water activities, Ses Illetes beach has at least one rental concession where you can enjoy sailing in the crystal-clear waters of the area. However, it’s worth noting that there are no beach bars available on Ses Illetes beach. Nonetheless, there is a wide range of restaurants to choose from, all offering a similar price range.

We won’t classify these establishments as cheap or expensive, as that ultimately depends on your budget. Each restaurant on Ses Illetes beach prominently displays its price list, allowing you to make an informed decision about where to dine or enjoy a refreshing beverage. It’s simply a matter of exercising common sense and being aware of the listed prices before making a choice.

Es Pas des Trucadors

The northern section of Ses Illetes beach is called Es Pas des Trucadors, which serves as the body of water that separates Formentera from the neighboring island of S´Espalmador. If you choose to walk all the way to the end of Ses Illetes beach, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this area.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that crossing from one island to another carries inherent risks. As a precautionary measure, a red flag is permanently flown in the area as a warning of the potential dangers. The channel between the two islands is very shallow, and it’s likely that you will observe people attempting to make the crossing.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand that at times, there are powerful currents present, making the risks involved very real.

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Ses Illetes at Sunset

Ses Illetes beach offers an ideal setting to witness the breathtaking sunset in Formentera. With its perfect orientation, you can admire the setting sun while being surrounded by the picturesque silhouette of Es Vedrà, the stunning coastline of Ibiza, and perhaps numerous boats anchored in the distance.
The beach itself is generally tranquil, providing a peaceful atmosphere to fully appreciate the beauty of the sunset. Moreover, due to its considerable length, you will always be able to find your own perfect spot to savor the enchanting sunset in Formentera.

Main advice when visiting Ses Illetes

When visiting Formentera, it’s almost a universal desire for all visitors to spend at least one day at this incredible beach. Therefore, we have some advice to maximize your experience.

First and foremost, wake up early on that special day. The earlier you arrive, the smoother your access to the parking lot will be, and you’ll encounter fewer people at Ses Illetes. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the splendor of the best beach in Formentera.

Additionally, we suggest ensuring your mobile phone is fully charged before heading to Ses Illetes. This will allow you to capture and cherish the unforgettable moments and capture the beauty of the beach.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your time at Ses Illetes and create lasting memories of your visit to this remarkable destination.

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