Sant Ferran de Ses Roques

The village of Sant Ferran has always lived marked by the main road that crosses it from north to south. It is a town with many attractions to be discovered.

“Sant Ferran, in the center of Formentera”

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Sant Ferran de Ses Roques

✅ Located in the center of the island.
✅ Its square is a meeting point for musicians during the summer.
✅ The main road crosses the village from north to south.


Sant Ferran, Formentera

By size and population, Sant Ferran de Ses Roques is the second most important town in Formentera.
Known by island residents as Sant Ferran, the tag that refers to the band to which it belongs, Ses Roques, is often left out.
The center of the town is located away from the main road and, it can be considered as such, to the church square.

A small temple whose construction was completed in 1889 using mortar and sandstone as basic materials and with a double water roof.
A very different church from La Mola and Sant Francesc.

Sant Ferran, nowadays

The island’s main road, PM-820, crosses Sant Ferran like a central artery and the dense traffic that it usually supports, especially during the summer months, may lead you to think that the town does not offer more than what you see as you pass by on your motorcycle or behind the wheel of your car, but it is not like that.
The truth is that Sant Ferran has much more to offer and, without being the most beautiful town in Formentera, the latest urban interventions have made the town increasingly attractive and friendly, to be enjoyed calmly.

The main street underwent a first reform during the winter of 2019, expanding the width of the sidewalks and reducing the width of the road to facilitate pedestrian traffic and the establishment of businesses with a terrace.
A second phase should begin during the winter of 2020 to complete the total reform of the street.

Shops, bars and restaurants

Following the same line of action, since 2014, several streets in the interior of Sant Ferran have been pedestrianized, ensuring that the presence of shops and terraces of bars and restaurants increases year after year and with it the attractiveness of this town of Formentera.
Most of the businesses located in Sant Ferran are more aimed at residents of Formentera than tourists, with the exception of bars and restaurants, which, due to their quality and good work, attract both some and others.

One of the mythical places that Sant Ferran houses is the Fonda Pepe, a meeting place for many generations of island residents and summer visitors.
Its walls have seen musical geniuses and musicians who, without being it, believed themselves to be geniuses.
Truths are told and false legends are remembered.
Pink Floyd were frequent customers in the summer of ’67 and Bob Dylan, as much as he insists, is not clear that he appeared there at any time.

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Formentera Guitars

Perhaps because of this connection with music, Sant Ferran de Ses Roques has the most peculiar company on the island, Formentera Guitars.
A small musical workshop founded in 1988 where, taking a 3-week course, you can learn and build your own electric guitar or bass.
Can you imagine? Spending your holidays in Formentera and that the souvenir that you take home is the electric guitar that you have made yourself, from scratch.
This is what Eki Hoffman, current conductor of Formentera Guitars, offers his students, in groups of a maximum of 6 people, he teaches about 7 courses a year.
Formentera Guitars is a living legend in Sant Ferran, Formentera.

Accommodation in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques

The accommodation offer in Sant Ferran is not much.
It has never been an overly touristy town although, it should be noted, that you can find some hostels, family-run apartment groups and tourist houses on the outskirts of town.
The rental of tourist apartments in Sant Ferran, Formentera, is prohibited as a result of the tourist zoning dictated by the Consell Insular de Formentera in 2019

Near beaches

One of the advantages of staying in Sant Ferran is that, without having any beach especially close, it doesn’t have any of them, especially far.
Advantages of being located in the same geographical center of Formentera: On the road that connects Sant Ferran with Es Pujols, you will find the beach of Es Pujols about 3 kilometers away, and those of the Natural Park, Ses Illetes, Levante and Es Cavall den Borràs a about 7 kilometers.

On the main road and heading south towards La Mola, you will find all the beaches in the Migjorn area, a very short distance from Sant Ferran.


May 30, San Fernando, is the day of celebration of the patron saint festivities in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques.
How could it be otherwise, the musical concerts are the highlight of the festival lineup and, for several days, groups perform on the stage installed in the town square, in front of the church.
You can also enjoy the folklore of Formentera, known as ball pagés.

I’m Ramón Tur, the person behind everything written and photographed on this website about Formentera. I discovered the island in 1972 when my parents, aboard the mythical Joven Dolores, took me on vacation from Ibiza for the first time, and it was love at first sight that has only grown stronger over time, making Formentera my place of residence for many years now. If you wish, you can follow me on Instagram @4mentera.com_

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