Es Caló

Es Caló is the small urban area that has grown around the fishing boat huts and is, around them and its pier, where the life of this idyllic village revolves.

“Es Caló, village of fishermen”

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Es Caló de Sant Agustí

✅ A traditional fishing port on the west coast of Formentera.
✅ Its traditional boat sheds are protected as a traditional element of the island.
✅ In the 11th century, the Augustinian monks of La Mola bestowed the place with its name.


Es Caló, Formentera: History

Although the official name of this urban nucleus in Formentera is Es Caló de Sant Agustí, everyone on the island knows it simply as Es Caló, without the reference to the saint.

The reason why Es Caló is associated with a saint, despite the absence of a church in the town, dates back to the 11th century when there was an Augustinian monastery in La Mola. This monastery utilized the small inlet formed by the rocks as a natural port for setting sail to Ibiza or receiving goods from the neighboring island.
Since the 11th century, Es Caló has been connected to the patron saint of the Augustinian order, Saint Augustine.

Es Caló, Formentera: Nowadays

Es Caló is a small urban settlement located at kilometer 12 of the main road, PM-820, as you head south from the port of La Savina. The collection of houses and buildings is compact, and daily life revolves around the vicinity of the small harbor, where both residents and tourists gather to admire the picturesque fishermen’s huts and the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Once you park your car or motorcycle in one of the designated areas, take the time to fully appreciate the surroundings. You won’t be able to resist capturing photos and sharing them on your Instagram profile – that’s for certain. You’re bound to fall in love with the place.


Es Caló, Formentera: Facilities and shops

Es Caló has a limited range of bars, restaurants and shops, as well as hotel accommodation and … a pharmacy.
Es Caló has one of the (only 4) pharmacies in Formentera.
The constant commercial activity, from Monday to Sunday, during the summer months, disappears completely with the end of the tourist season and only the pharmacy remains open throughout the year.
It is at this time of the year when the residents of Es Caló return to their origins and fishing days are a constant if good weather permits.

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Accommodation in Es Caló, Formentera

The vast majority of tourist accommodations that you will find in Es Caló, Formentera, open with the beginning of the summer season, and close with the end of October, approximately.
The accommodation offer in Es Caló includes hotels, apartments, hostels and holiday homes, so depending on the type of accommodation you are looking for, there should be an option to stay in Es Caló, Formentera.


Nearby beaches

The closest beach to the town of Es Caló de Sant Agustí is Ses Platgetes, also known by many as Es Caló beach due to its proximity to the town, just over 200 meters away.

The truth is that the entire coast on both sides of the town is suitable for swimming.
In some sections you will find sand and in others rock, so you can choose where to immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of Es Caló, Formentera.
Keep in mind that when the wind blows from the north direction, Tramontana, the beaches in this part of Formentera will suffer from waves and bad weather, so, on that day, it is better to bathe in any of the Migjorn beaches.
That, due to the peculiarity of being Es Caló at the narrowest point of Formentera, the distance from the beaches on that side of the island is minimal. Less than 2 kilometers.

Es Caló, Formentera and  Underwater Archeology

In the summer of 2019, 11 swords were discovered buried in the sandy seabed of Es Caló. These artifacts were subsequently sent to the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera for recovery and restoration.

While the initial hypotheses suggest that these swords may be French and date back to the 19th century, specifically used by cuirassiers during the Napoleonic battles between 1810 and 1815, further confirmation is still required.

These swords, known for their large size and weight, have sparked speculation about the possibility of an underwater wreck located just a few meters off the coast of Es Caló in Formentera. It is anticipated that future exploration campaigns in the area may uncover new discoveries.

Festivities in Es Caló, Formentera

As mentioned earlier, the patron saint of Es Caló is San Agustín, and the town celebrates its festivities on August 28th, or on the last Saturday of August if the date does not coincide.

The tradition of these festivities is relatively recent, as they began in 2007 thanks to the initiative of the local residents. For over 10 years, the celebrations included concerts by local bands and DJs. However, due to the overwhelming success and the impact on the town and its residents, in 2018, a decision was made to shift the focus of the festivities towards a quieter and more traditional celebration that promotes the island’s culture and traditions.


Peix Sec in Es Caló

One of the culinary highlights of Formentera is the Pagesa Salad, which includes Peix Sec, dried fish, among its key ingredients. Cartilaginous fish such as stingrays are cut into strips and hung in the sun, allowing the pieces of fish to undergo the salting process with the help of the sea breeze.

In Es Caló, you can witness the sight of fish drying in the sun on the fishermen’s huts every day during the summer. This is an ongoing tradition that remains vibrant in this part of Formentera.


I’m Ramón Tur, the person behind everything written and photographed on this website about Formentera. I discovered the island in 1972 when my parents, aboard the mythical Joven Dolores, took me on vacation from Ibiza for the first time, and it was love at first sight that has only grown stronger over time, making Formentera my place of residence for many years now. If you wish, you can follow me on Instagram @4mentera.com_

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