Es Pujols beach

Es Pujols is the only beach in Formentera where a small promenade separates it from the village. In addition to crystal clear waters, the beach offers all the facilities you may need.

Es Pujols beach

✅ The only beach on the island, right at the village with the same name.
✅ Crystal clear waters as in the rest of Formentera beaches.
✅ All the facilities you may need just a few meters from the beach.

Facilities :
Loungers rental
WC Publico
Public WC
Actividades acuáticas
Water activities
Location :

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How to reach Es Pujols?

You can get to the beach of es Pujols, as well as the town, by the road going from La Savina bordering s´Estany Pudent and crossing the Natural Park area, or arriving from Sant Ferran at the opposite end of the island.
Depending on where on the island you go to Es Pujols, you will be more interested in taking one option or another. That is at your discretion.



Es Pujols beach is the only urban beach in Formentera, but the quality of its waters is not lower than in the rest of the island.
It is separated from the town by a small promenade in the central area of ​​it, where the buildings and shops are closer to the sand, and by a wooden walkway to protect the dune system on the right and left ends.
Es Pujols is a wide beach with a sandy area and a low rock area, where the islet of s´Aigua Dolça limits its eastern end and Sa Punta Alta its western end.
In the center of the beach and a short distance from the shore, is the islet of Es Fonoll Marí, which can be accessed by swimming. From the nearest shore, it is approximately 70 meters.


Es Pujols beach has a watchtower and lifeguard as well as a ramp and bathroom assistance services for people with reduced mobility.
In all areas of the beach you will find the possibility of renting umbrellas and hammocks, so, if you are one of those who prefer that option to sunbathe, do not worry because there are them all over the beach.
At the left end of Es Pujols beach, you will find a water activities rental specialized in sailing activities such as catamaran, hobbycat, windsurfing and paddle surfing.
There are two beach bars, one at each end of the beach.
The offer of restaurants is as wide as the one that the town of Es Pujols offers and it will depend on you, how much or how little you want to get away from the shore to eat.
Es Pujols beach is marked with buoys that separate the bathing area and the area for boats. For your safety, respect the different zones.

Es Pujols beach and village

The position of the town with respect to the beach, and vice versa, make one and the other special.
You will not find many of the amenities such as the complementary offer of bars and restaurants in any other beach in Formentera and, at the same time, you do not enjoy the intimacy that most, if not the rest, of Formentera’s beaches offer.
I think this factor should be the main one to take into account when choosing, or not, this beach.
On our Instagram profile you will find many pictures taken in Es Pujols.

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