Migjorn beach is actually an 8-kilometer stretch of the south west Formentera coast and where almost each stretch of the beach has its own name.


✅ Name that receives the very long stretch of coast with South West orientation in Formentera.
✅ The Migjorn beach, in fact, is formed by several stretches of beach with different names.
✅ To be avoided on days where the wind blows southbound.

Facilities :
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
WC Publico
Public WC
Actividades acuáticas
Water activities
Location :

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How to reach Migjorn beach?

First of all we want to emphasize the fact that Migjorn playa, as such, is considered a very extensive stretch of the island of Formentera, specifically 8 kilometers of coastline, ranging from the end of the cliffs of es Cap de Barbaria to almost the place where the ascent to La Mola begins.

Virtually any of the paths that head south from the main road, once you have left Sant Francesc in the direction of La Mola, will take you to some section of Migjorn beach.

Migjorn Beach(es)

Once the mystery that surrounds Migjorn beach in Formentera has been clarified, we will go on to mention the beaches that you will find in this section of the Formentera coast.

  • Es Arenals

  • Es Copinar

  • La Fragata

  • Es Vogamarí

  • Es Codol Foradat

  • Real Playa

  • Ca Marí

  • Es Valencians

Migjorn and best Formentera beaches

So, speaking in a generic way about Migjorn beach, and without referring to any specific section of it, to say that it is among the best beaches in Formentera.
It does not have the fame or media coverage of other areas of Formentera and it is thanks to it, that always, whatever time of year, you will find corners of Migjorn beach where you can enjoy tranquility, without crowds of people and always with crystal clear waters in the purest Formentera style.

Above all, keep in mind that it is a very open beach and that at certain times you can find very marked currents, that said, unless you consider yourself an expert swimmer, it is advisable not to stray too far from the shore.
It is also one of the beaches of Formentera with less traffic of boats and the presence of lifeguards only occurs in the area of ​​Es Arenals. Therefore, enjoy the beach and its waters but with caution ….. and prepare the mobile to fill your album or your Instagram profile with photos.

Dunes and wooden paths

The beach is home to the largest extension of the dune system in Formentera and, for the same reason, it is the stretch of coast where you will find more kilometers of footbridge on which to walk.
You already know that the walkways and ropes are there to prevent you from walking on the dunes and thus promote their regeneration.
Therefore, if you go to Migjorn or any other beach in Formentera and there are walkways, use them; they are practical, comfortable and perform a great function of protecting the environment.


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