Ses Platgetes

Ses Platgetes are not just one beach, but actually three small consecutive beaches. Due to their proximity to the village, they are also referred to as Es Caló Beach.

Ses Platgetes

✅ These three small beaches resemble bays with a mix of sand and rocks.
✅ Due to their proximity to the village, they are often called Es Caló Beach.
✅ Easily accessible, it’s a great place to enjoy the sea and go snorkeling.

Facilities :
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
Public WC
Water Activities
Location :

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How to reach Ses Platgetes?

Ses Platgetes is located at kilometer 12 on the main road in the eastern part of Formentera. If you’re starting from the port of La Savina or any point beyond, you need to head south towards La Mola. The beach will be on your left side, following the direction of traffic.


The English translation of Ses Platgetes would be “Small Beaches,” a name that accurately describes this coastal stretch. These three consecutive bays, consisting of sand and rocks, are located very close to the village of Es Caló.

Ses Platgetes is the only beach on this side of Formentera that features a dune system. Like the rest of the island, the dunes are protected and marked with ropes to prevent access, allowing for their recovery and growth. Therefore, wooden walkways have been installed to provide access to this beach.

The sandy area of this beach exceeds the rocky portion by a significant margin, ensuring ample space for sunbathing comfortably. However, access to the sea can vary. While the part of the beach farthest from the town offers easy access on sandy terrain, other sections may have intermittent sand and flat rock. It’s advisable to consider this before choosing where to place your towel.


Until 2015, there used to be a beach bar called “Kiosko den Miquel den Purressines” in Ses Platgetes. However, there was a change in name and management, leading to the closure of the kiosk by the local administration.
Fortunately, due to the proximity to Es Caló, you won’t have any problem finding food and drinks. There are bars, restaurants, and supermarkets available in the area.

While there is a watchtower on the beach, it’s important to note that lifeguards are not present on a permanent basis. Please keep this in mind for safety purposes.
On the northern side, which is the farthest from the village, there is a small area with sand beds and umbrellas. If you plan on using one, it’s recommended not to arrive too late, as they tend to be rented out quickly.

Ses Platgetes: Tips


The combination of sandy areas and rocky sections makes Ses Platgetes an ideal beach for sunbathing and snorkeling. You’ll have the opportunity to observe numerous fish in this part of Formentera.

If you arrive by car or motorcycle, you can park in the town of Es Caló, which has two designated parking lots. And please, make sure not to block any access to private homes while parking. It’s something that locals here find extremely frustrating.

When accessing the sea by walking on the flat rocks, be cautious not to step on sea urchins. The reason for this caution is quite obvious.

Keep in mind that Ses Platgetes is not recommended on days when the wind is blowing from the north, as it can create waves and be a bit risky due to the presence of rocks. However, when the wind blows from the south, the sea becomes calm and offers a perfect opportunity to capture breathtaking photos of the intense blue waters.

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