Ses Platgetes

Ses Platgetes is not a beach, in reality they are three small consecutive beaches. Because of its proximity to the village, it is also known as the beach of Es Caló.

Ses Platgetes

✅ A group of 3 small beaches with a certain appearance of bays, which combine sand and rocks.
✅ Because of its proximity to the village, many people also call it the beach of Es Caló.
✅ Very easy access, it is an ideal beach to enjoy the sea and snorkeling.

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How to reach Ses Platgetes?

You will find Ses Platgetes at kilometer 12 of the main road, in the eastern part of Formentera.
If you leave from the port of La Savina, or some later point, you must head south towards La Mola and you will find the beach on the left side according to the direction of traffic.


The Spanish translation of Ses Platgetes would be “Las Playitas”, a name that perfectly describes this stretch of coast.
Three small consecutive bays of sand and rock that you will find at a very short distance from the village of Es Caló.
Ses Platgetes is the only beach on this side of Formentera that houses a dune system, which, as in the rest of the island, is protected and delimited by ropes that impede the passage to, thus, facilitate their recovery and growth.
That is why there are wooden walkways on which you should always move when accessing this beach.
The sand exceeds, by far, the extension of rock on this beach so you will have no problem lying in the sun comfortably.
Another thing is access to the sea.
In the part of the beach furthest from the town, you will find easy access to the sea, on sand, but in other sections of the beach, the sand comes and goes, and in many cases, the access is on flat rock, but rock.
Look at that before placing your towel and decide where you want the most.


Until 2015, in Ses Platgetes there was a beach bar, the “kiosko den Miquel den Purressines”, later the name and managment changed and as a result, the kiosko was shut down by the local administration.
The proximity to Es Caló means that you can buy food and drink without problem since you will find bars, restaurants and supermarkets.
The beach has a watchtower but the presence of lifeguards is not permanent, so keep that in mind.
In the northern side , the furthest from the village, there is a small plot of sand beds and umbrellas, so if you think about using one, don’t go too late because otherwise you will find that they are all already rented.

Ses Platgetes: Advice

The combination of sand and rock make it an ideal beach if you intend to sunbathe and do some diving with your mask and snorkel. You will see countless fish in this part of Formentera.
If you arrive with your car or motorcycle, you can park it in the same town of Es Caló, which has two enabled car parks and, above all, don’t ever think of parking blocking any access to your private home. It is something that those of us who are from here, it drives us crazy.
If you access the sea by walking on the flat rock that I told you before, be careful not to step on a sea urchin. The reason is obvious.
It is not a recommended beach when the wind blows from the north direction since waves are formed and it can be a little dangerous because of the rocks, now, if it blows south, the sea becomes like a plate and you are going to swell to take photos to the intense blue that you will find.

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Facilities :
Loungers rental
Restaurant – Bar
Public WC
Water Activities
Location :

“The beach of Es Caló”