La Savina

La Savina is the urban center that houses the fishing, commercial and recreational port of the island and offers a wide variety of restaurants, shops and a newly reformed promenade.

“Formentera and its entrance door”

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La Savina, Formentera

✅ Port of arrival and departure of the island.
✅ Urban area with a wide range of shops, restaurants and nautical services.
✅ Craft market and evening live music on the pedestrian promenade.

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La Savina: Formentera´s port

Most likely, when you set foot on Formentera for the first time, you will do so in La Savina, its only commercial and sports port.
This is where all the passenger boats arrive from Ibiza and where, today, there are two nautical clubs for mooring pleasure boats.

In any case, La Savina offers its visitors much more than the entry and exit of boats and its docks. La Savina is a consolidated urban center where the offer of leisure and services is wide and to which we will refer later in this article.

Accommodation in La Savina

La Savina has a wide range of accommodation to stay in, be it hotels, hostels, apartments and tourist houses. You will have many options to choose from.
If finally La Savina is where you decide to stay to spend your holidays in Formentera, you will have the best beaches on the island just a few minutes away, at least the most famous, such as Ses Illetes, Cavall den Borràs or Levante.

S´Estany des Peix and S´Estany Pudent

The town of La Savina, Formentera, is surrounded by the sea on all sides.
The open sea that separates us from the rest of the islands but also in its inner part by two flood zones, or rather, flooded areas called S´Estany des Peix and S´Estany Pudent.
The first of them, S´Estany des Peix, is at the back of the urban center and is a large, very closed bay where a large number of boats anchor throughout the year.

Swimming is allowed and it is an ideal space for the practice of sailing sports such as windsurfing and a municipal sailing center has been installed on the north shore of S´Estany des Peix.
The second of them, S´Estany Pudent, is a huge pond located on both sides of the road that heads towards Es Pujols and borders the urban center of La Savina on its eastern side.

S´Estany Pudent is one of the ponds used for the collection of sea salt that, for many years, was the economic engine of Formentera and La Savina the port of loading of the precious product.
If you are a lover of ornithology and you are enthusiastic about Bird Watching, these two areas of La Savina are something that you cannot miss and that you should walk along its shores to see the great variety of aquatic birds that populate its waters.

La Savina, Formentera: Shops and facilities

The port of La Savina welcomes both passenger traffic on the commercial route and the mooring of pleasure boats that stop at the port of Formentera.
This constant flow of passengers makes La Savina a town with a lot of life during all hours of the day and that is why the commercial offer is also important.
Shops, bars, restaurants, diving centers, car rentals, boat rentals with or without skipper, nautical excursions, artisan market, live music and different accommodations to spend your holidays in Formentera, fill its streets, so, yes, the offer of services in La Savina is very wide.

Tourist information

Just when you get off the boat that brings you from Ibiza, on the right side of the maritime station, you will find a tourist information office where you can clarify all the doubts that we from this website have not been able to solve.
In summer, the office is open from Monday to Sunday, but in winter the hours are shorter.

La Savina, Formentera: Festivities

As a fishing village that it is, La Savina celebrates its patron saint on July 16, the day of La Virgen del Carmen.
The town and all the boats in the port dress up and dress up to go out in a maritime procession, with an image of the Virgin aboard one of the fishing boats, to the outer waters of the port and where the priest of the parish of Sant Francesc blesses all the vessels that approach the Virgin and her boat.
In the same way, a wreath of flowers is thrown in memory of all the sailors and fishermen of Formentera who died in accidents at sea.
The festivity also has sports, cultural and musical activities where La Savina lives its days of maximum joy and splendor.

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