Hostal Rafalet

Located in Es Caló.
With a privileged location.
Open from mid-April to the end of October.

Hostal Rafalet

✅ Hostel and bar in Es Caló.
✅ Privileged location.
✅ Open from April until the end of October.

Facilities :
24h Reception
Air conditioning
Near the sea
Baño privado
Location :

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Hostal Rafalet Formentera

The Hostal Rafalet, located in Es Caló de Sant Agustí in Formentera, is a charming establishment that has been run by the same family since its foundation in the mid-20th century. With over three generations dedicated to providing hospitality, this hostel has earned an excellent reputation among travelers.
The hostel has recently undergone renovations in its rooms, offering comfortable and updated accommodations for its guests. Each room has been carefully designed and decorated with a cozy and functional style, ensuring a pleasant stay.

One of the main attractions of Hostal Rafalet is its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. From the rooms or the common areas of the hostel, visitors can enjoy breathtaking panoramas and relax with the sea breeze.

The hostel also features a cafeteria service where guests can enjoy a wide variety of gastronomic options, from breakfast to light and refreshing dishes throughout the day. This service is particularly appreciated by those who wish to relax and enjoy a delicious meal without having to venture far from the hostel.

Hostal Rafalet opens its doors from April to November, providing an ideal accommodation option for those looking to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Formentera during the tourist season. Whether you are planning a spring getaway or an unforgettable summer by the sea, this hostel offers a cozy place to rest and enjoy everything the island has to offer.


Hostal Rafalet Formentera: Rooms

Hostal Rafalet offers its guests two types of rooms, each with unique and captivating views. On one hand, the rooms with direct sea views are a true gem. From the balcony of these rooms, visitors can delight in a panoramic view of the sea, located just 20 meters away. The beauty of the crystal-clear waters and the tranquility of the surroundings create a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the serenity provided by the sea. Moreover, the views over Es Caló are simply breathtaking, allowing guests to admire the picturesque beauty of this charming coastal village.

On the other hand, the rooms with lateral views offer a different yet equally captivating perspective. From their windows, guests can contemplate the majestic cliffs of La Mola, creating an impressive and charming landscape. Additionally, these rooms offer privileged views of the sunrise, allowing guests to awaken to the magic of the first rays of light illuminating the horizon and painting the sky with beautiful colors.

Whether you choose a room with direct sea view or a lateral view, both options will provide you with a unique and memorable experience. You will immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Formentera and enjoy views that will leave you breathless. Hostal Rafalet has designed these rooms so that guests can make the most of the establishment’s privileged location and live an unforgettable stay, surrounded by stunning landscapes and an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.


All rooms at Hostal Rafalet are designed with the comfort and convenience of guests in mind. Each room features a private balcony that offers frontal or lateral views of the sea, providing the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings from the privacy of your own room.

In addition, the rooms are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. You will find a television to entertain yourself and keep up with your favorite shows if you ever need some relaxation time in your own room. The air conditioning and fan will allow you to regulate the room temperature according to your preferences, ensuring a pleasant and cool environment even on the hottest days.

For added convenience, the rooms also have a hairdryer, so you can keep your hair impeccable during your stay. Moreover, internet access will not be a problem as all rooms have WIFI connection, allowing you to stay connected and share your experiences with your loved ones.

Hostal Rafalet takes care of every detail to ensure that your needs are met and that you enjoy a comfortable stay. From the stunning sea views to the modern amenities, the rooms are designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience and make you feel at home.

Hostal Can Rafalet´s Bar

The terrace of Can Rafalet is a special place that captivates both the hostel guests and customers who are not staying there. It is considered by many visitors and residents as one of the most spectacular locations on the island to enjoy a meal, breakfast, or simply have a beer at any time of the day, even until midnight.

What makes this terrace even more special is the management carried out by Cristina and Bartolo, grandchildren of the founder of Can Rafalet. Thanks to them, they have managed to maintain the spirit and essence of this place that opened its doors in the last century. Their dedication and passion for providing a unique experience make each visit special.

Among the delights that can be enjoyed on the terrace, we highly recommend the “Pa amb Coses” dish. Accompanied by a cold beer and in good company, it becomes an unforgettable experience. This traditional dish consists of delicious bread with a variety of fresh and tasty ingredients that will delight your palate and awaken your senses.

In conclusion, Can Rafalet’s terrace is a magical place where the beauty of the surroundings combines with exquisite gastronomy and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s for an early breakfast, a relaxed meal, or a dinner under the stars, this place invites you to experience unforgettable moments in a unique setting on the island.

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